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Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that focuses on using an opponent's power against them, employing a mixture of strikes, joint locks and throws. Our style, Shorinji Kan, is designed for practical defence in the modern world, from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault. The techniques we teach can be used by anyone: male or female, large or small. We welcome everyone to our sessions, including non-students, regardless of fitness or experience. Simply show up and try it for free!

What should you expect?

Newbies (that's presumably you!) will learn how to deal with grabs, punches, and bottle attacks, as well as how to fall and roll safely. At higher levels, you will deal with more weapons (such as knives and sticks), multiple attackers, and fighting on the ground. We are affiliated with The Jiu Jitsu Foundation and our instructors are fully certified. The club atmosphere is really friendly but the training is intense and sure to get you fighting fit. There are also regular regional courses taught by some of the best instructors, where all Jitsu clubs in London come together to train. Two national competitions for all levels are held each year and involve a weekend away full of training, competing, and partying. There is plenty of chance throughout the year to meet new people from other clubs and universities.

Why Jiu Jitsu?

Winning a fight and defending yourself from an attack are not the same: many self-defence situations call for a quick and effective response, such as a strike, throw or joint break. Learning how to apply these techniques with minimal effort and in a controlled manner allows students to gain confidence in dealing with a variety of sudden and emerging threats. Jitsuka thrive in high-pressure situations and learn to respond rapidly and without thinking. Even when faced with a compeltely new situation, you can be 100% prepared.

Japanese Jiu Jitsu does not teach you how to win a boxing match; it teaches you situational awareness and the techniques to defuse a hostile encounter.We encourage you to try Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate or Muay Thai if you are looking for an offense-oriented martial art.



We welcome everyone to our sessions. If you aren't already a member come along and give it a try. Your first session is free. If you would like to keep training with us you need to buy membership for just £5.

What to wear

If you're a beginner just come along in gym clothes. That's shorts/joggers and a t-shirt.

What you need to know

  • It is highly recommended that long hair is tied/clipped back; hair flapping in your face gets really old, really fast!
  • Don't wear jewellery of any kind as it is hazardous to you and others.
  • Tell the instructor of any injuries before training begins.
  • Once you're a regular you'll need to buy a gi. We can supply you with one from around £20.
  • If you have any questions about our sessions don't hesitate to ask the committee or the instructor.


From time to time The Jitsu Foundation holds courses both regionally and nationally. These are an excellent chance for you to train under different and often very senior instructors. You also get to train with plenty of different people.


Gradings are held regionally every quarter. Up to purple belt jitsuka can grade once every quarter. In order to grade you will need to have attended at least two sessions a week and have your instructor's permission. Feel free to talk to the instructor at any time if you have any grading questions.


Times Starts Finishes
Thursday 20:00 22:00
Sunday 16:00 18:00


Per Session £2
Per Term £20


Instructors: Elena Turek and Constantinos Kritis

President: Lizzy Cotton

Vice-President: Skyler Tan

Treasurer: Shaan Bassi

Secretary: Elias Benussi

Social Secretary: Seb Boiss



Our sessions are currently held in the Union Gym, on the third floor of the Imperial College Union, Beit Quadrangle, South Kensington. The closest tube stations are South Kensington, Gloucester Road, High Street Kensington and Knightsbridge.

As our Dojo is on Imperial College property a swipe card may be needed to enter the building. If you are not an Imperial student please contact us before coming so we can let you in. Failing that you will be able to speak to security at the entrance of beit quadrangle and sign in as a visitor.

Contact Us

Email: jitsu@imperial.ac.uk

Our email ninjas will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also find us on the Imperial College Union website, Facebook, and Twitter.